RIGGED [Taylor & Balon Series #2]

When Taylor & Balon investigate a complex murder case, they get caught up in a world of deception and manipulation. Who can you trust if you don't know who your friends are? 

Scheduled for publication: December 30, 2020.

He's dead, but still influences their lives.

DETEACHED [Taylor & Balon Series #1]

Investigating the suicide of a teacher detectives Taylor and Balon are confronted with a second victim. A second teacher who apparently commits suicide under identical circumstances. 
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It started with a suicide. There's no telling where and when it will end.


The Woldring family moves to a beautiful house on a dike in the middle of the Dutch fruit production county. An old building in which the family expects to escape the bustle of the citylife. 

Sometimes a removal does not bring out the best...

Unexpected calamities and bizarre discoveries bring the family into trouble. A purchase with unpleasant consequences that no one thought could imagine...

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CONCEALED [Standalone Thriller]

They were young. Hardly men at the time. Their mission: highly classified. That was twenty years ago. Now someone is brutally murdering them one by one.
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Only one thing they know for sure. One of them is the murderer…

GATORWAY [McCalack Series #1]

A package left at a crime scene, gets student Dylan Timmers involved in a battle of rivalling drug criminals and terrorists.

It should have been the greatest summer job of all times. It became the most dangerous one ever... 

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