The biggest ship on Earth isn't a ship. Concho Oil's 'Flint' is a floating refinery…and a floating bomb.
Searching the ocean floor to explore the supplies  of natural liquid gas, multinational Concho Oil orders captain Wallace to anchor the artificial island in international waters. The High Seas; an area outside any national jurisdiction. 

The discovery of a murdered man is only  the beginning of captain Wallace his nightmare. When the anchor chains break and the Flint is drifting to the coast; the lives of millions are in stake. Wallace finds himself engaged in a fight  against environmental activists; bad weather conditions, time and a man who is murdering his crew. [Scheduled for publication SPRING 2018]


They were young. Hardly men at the time. Their mission: highly classified. To them it was no more than an adventure. But reality was harsh and relentless. Terrible doubts assailed them. Even though the army hushed it all up professionally,  these men would never forget. They shared a secret. A secret they would hide for the outer world. That was twenty years ago.

Now someone was brutally murdering them one by one. The offender systematically eliminated the former members of their team. The only way to survive was to cooperate. After all these years they had to rely on each other again. Had to trust each other again. They had to find the assassin, before he would murder them. Only one thing they knew for sure. One of them was the murderer…


Dylan Timmers, a Dutch student, has found the best summer job he could wish for: lifeguard on Miami Beach. When a corpse is found on the beach where Dylan works, his life is completely turned upside down. A package left at the crime scene, gets Dylan involved in a battle between rivalling drug criminals and terrorists. Dylan Timmers does not have the greatest, but the most dangerous summer job ever...